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Rengoku ni Warau 15-16

Please note that the chapter numbers are different depending on if it's in the books or in the magazine. Which means we'll just stick to whatever number we're on and go from there.

chapter 15
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chapter 16
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Thank ya~~ >w</

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Thank you very much for the chapters!

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Thanks for the scanlations!!! You guys are awesome!

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I love the fact you used the amazing horse song in the pic. And now I feel so sorry for the twins, although it's nice to think that in the future (Donten) the people were nicer to Soramaru and Chuutaro and didn't blame them even after their sun Tenka was taken off...sorta...

Thanks for the new chapters!
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thank you so much!! great work :D
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thanks for the chapters!!

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thanks so much for the hard work! =D

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thank you so much ^^
otsukare sama deshita!
i've been waiting for it!