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Rengoku ni Warau 15-16

Please note that the chapter numbers are different depending on if it's in the books or in the magazine. Which means we'll just stick to whatever number we're on and go from there.

chapter 15
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chapter 16
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Orenchi no Furo Jijou 16-17

We really need to get back on track with releases, huh.

chapter 16
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chapter 17
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Rengoku ni Warau 14

we'll see if I have any time when the next chapter comes out to typeset, but for now, we're caught up on one series at least. For... a few days. XD;;;;; Now I've got to go sew and make patterns.

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Rengoku ni Warau 12 &13

chapter 12
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chapter 13
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We're sorry (more like I'm sorry) for being so irregular, it'll get better once I'm done with school. There's a lot of stuff going on with... fashion shows and portfolios.
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Rengoku ni Warau 11

Getting the chapters back on track, this is the one from December. And this will be the order we're going to keep, so I'm going to spend tomorrow renaming our download files, and if you want to you can just rename the chapers you've already downloaded, unless you read online. In that case you don't need to do a thing.

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Rengoku ni Warau 10


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Chapters keep getting renumbered, I really have no idea if we should go by the tankobon or the website anymore.
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Rengoku ni Warau 9 + volume 2 omake

With the second book being released and landing in my mailbox today, the numbering of chapters has been changed. So chapter 5, which was split into three parts but still numbered as chapter 5 online has gotten their own numbers. So this is chapter 9, and the previous chapters will be changed into their accurate numbers soon.

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Donten ni Warau Gaiden 1

Now that the lovely EGScans released the final chapter of the Donten ni Warau manga, I can release one that we've been sitting on for a bit. Here is the first chapter of the Donten ni Warau Gaiden.

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Rengoku ni Warau 8

Did anyone catch the first episode of the Donten anime yet? I'm currently downloading it and I'm so excited.

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:REverSAL 11-13 (FIN)

:REverSAL is a horror manga that I like a lot, and it hasn't been translated since 2012. There was only three chapters left, so we're releasing them all at once. Enjoy the finale!

EDIT: Version two has been uploaded and all the links are now replaced.

chapter 11 (v2)
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chapter 12 (v2)
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final chapter (13) (v2)
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Aru-kun says thank you and good bye!